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Artist's Books

Artist's book, handmade, limited edition, the Jamaica series, artist Kay Rodriques, California

Handmade Limited Edition Artist's Books


Book No. 2 from the Artist's "Jamaica Series":

"My Grandfather is a Lime Tree", 2019/2020


Text from part 1 of 2:

Another Silent Hare Tale

I.  What you learn in school today?

II. Things falling a-part in Achebe's story.

I.  What kind of name is that?

II. African.

I.  Like the other story, the one about the boy who walked out of his country?

II. No, that one was South African. This one is Nigerian.

I.  Oh.

II. Grandpa?

I.  Yes?

II. If Africans lost their names here, Indians lose theirs too?

I.  What you mean?

II. What is your Indian name?

I. I don't know.

II. They are not teaching us about India in school.

I.  South Africa and Nigeria, that's a start.

II. Maybe they're going continent by continent?

I. Maybe it's too soon after Independence, for India.


Book artist and print-maker, Kay Rodriques, combines original prints and poems to ask questions about our place in the world. Her careful use of text and original artworks combine to make each of her books a creative/artistic physical object as well as affordable art that is meant to be held, touched, interacted with and enjoyed.

Her third book in the "Jamaica Series" is forthcoming in 2020.

Item Details

Handmade item

Limited edition artist's books featuring tales from Jamaica accompanied by luminous handmade prints on Roterfaden note paper.

A soft-cover book in a limited edition of 15 copies. The binding is finished with red stitching on the spine. Each copy is hand-numbered and will be signed by the artist if so desired.

5.5 x 7.9 inches

32 pages

80 and 70 gsm Roterfaden paper

$25 each.